Does Art in Hospitals Make a Difference?

The healing power of art in healthcare spaces

Our surroundings impact the way we think and feel. Psychologists believe imagery is preverbal and deeply linked to our emotions and unconscious mind. Introducing art into a stark, clinical environment can instantly transform it into a compassionate space filled with inspiration. The inclusion of art in healthcare settings is a proven method for supporting patient recovery. It can provide beneficial distraction, imbue a sense of comfort and peace, as well as evoke pleasant memories for patients.


“Art has the capacity to introduce solace, happiness, and satisfaction into any space. It humanizes a building and brings it to life. So many critical life moments occur in healthcare facilities—from birth to death—and we believe these moments ought to take place surrounded by beautiful, calming, and positive art.”

– Jen White, VP, Marketing


Today, more and more hospitals support the notion of patient-centered care, recognizing that people who become unwell have needs beyond the physical. They understand that meeting a patients’ social and psychological needs, in addition to treating their physical ones, helps improve their health and aid recovery.

custom scuplture in the lobby of kaiser permanente in ontario ca

Enhancing environments, impacting lives and healing the spirit

Art has been shown to help reduce depression and situational anxiety, contribute to overall satisfaction, and improve the medical providers’ recruitment and retention rates. Additional benefits of art in hospitals include:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Shortens hospital stays
  • Reduces need for pain medication
  • Increases trust and confidence
  • Improves communication between patients and caregivers
  • Serves as a positive distraction for patients, visitors, and staff
hanging sculpture and wall art in a kaiser healthcare facility

Creating calm atmospheres for patients and their families

Even though visual art occupies the background of a patients’ hospital experience, it can influence their sense of safety, comfort, time, and identity.

Hospital art gives rooms, hallways, and other spaces a sense of peace, beauty, and joy. When designing a hospital, architects take great care in creating artful wayfinding elements through landscaping, architectural features, lighting, and technology.

calming wall art in a healthcare space
soothing health related wall art

Let us be your partners in healing

Hospital administrators are often given the difficult task of integrating therapeutic art into the hospital environment that empower patients, caregivers and their families to find healing strength in the face of illness and injury.

The healthcare art consultants at KBFA are dedicated to taking the hospital experience to the next level by healing patients, their families, and health workers through captivating, personalized art.

Contact one of our talented consultants in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles to get started.

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