Kristina Baker

Kristina Rose Baker’s intimate connection with nature and passion for ecology imbues her canvases with the colors, textures, shapes, and patterns of the landscapes that inspire her.

Kristina grew up in Southern California and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Inspired by a sense of place, Kristina creates oil paintings, watercolors, and drawings that meditate on themes of growth, stillness, and rebirth.  She has  embraced several changes of scenery that have expanded the colors on her painting palette to include the neutrals of the Northeast, vibrant hues of the Appalachians, reverberating deep greens of the Pacific Northwest, and more.  She explores through paint the experience of her physical body searching for a sense of integration with the landscape.  Her paintings reflect the serenity and personal sanctuary she finds in nature.

Kristina’s work mirrors seasonal changes in the landscape through specificity of color and recurring subject-matter.  She uses cake decorating tools as a way of drawing and sculpting into her paintings, and often incorporates gravel, sand, dirt, wax, and fibers into her paint in order to think of a two dimensional material as a sculptural medium.  Her interests and studies in poetry, mysticism, herbal medicine, regenerative agriculture, and plants inform much of her work.

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