Allison Kunath

Kunath’s work is fueled by the tension between her thirst for solitude and hunger for connection. The introspective process of creating work that explores communication and connection balances the two opposing forces. Kunath’s self-reflective works are responses to her meditations on relationship (to herself, her community, and her environment) inspired by the belief that self-awareness and a better understanding of our relational dynamics create space for a more healthy and connected world, Her studio works are primarily on paper and canvas, and her murals can be found in the US, Mexico, Panama, and Nicaragua.

Travel plays an important role in her creative process, and it’s become her favorite tool for accessing fresh approaches and inspiration. Each new destination offers a chance to relate to both herself and her work in a different way, often resulting in notable shifts in her style and palette.

An experience of communion is both my inspiration and my intention as an artist. Borne of self-reflection, my work is motivated by a deep desire to connect and communicate with the world around me. My studio pieces, typically on paper and canvas, utilize a wide range of materials and a sensitive color palette to deepen my understanding of intangible themes in my inner world such as sensuality, honesty, acceptance, communication and control. My process is a delicate balance between controlled articulation and complete surrender. As I strive to better understand myself and express what I find clearly and honestly, I seek ways to relinquish control, practice surrender and make room for lessons that I would not expect. In my inextricably linked creative and personal experiences, my wish is to be surrounded by (and inspire) people who seek a strong sense of self and feel free enough to express it. This union of self-awareness and self-actualization primes us for the real treasures of the human experience; the relationships that mirror the truest parts of ourselves. Whether on a personal, artistic or global level, I can think of nothing more healing and exciting than a deeper and more articulate communion between our many complex realities.”

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