Amy Paul

A San Diego native, Amy Paul studied at the University of San Diego, receiving a degree in humanities and later her masters in art history. In addition to her continued work as an illustrator, Amy is currently teaching at both Mesa and Southwestern Colleges where she nurtures her love of art and art history. Her inspiration is rooted in the habitual behaviors that mark each day- fleeting moments amid the most mundane activities. Her images stem from the ordinary and through color, composition, and abstraction become more. Her work is a response to places she has been and people she has known, at times a narrative of her most intimate experiences. Through a process of applying and removing paint, applying in excess and removing the unnecessary, the surface is continually reworked in many layers. She is currently a resident of North Park, a multi-cultural artisan community of San Diego, where she maintains a commitment to art and experimentation- a search for clarity, for oneness, for meaning amid so much that is meaningless.

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