Corrie Sullivan

Corrie Sullivan is an Irish-born creator and artist, and the founder of Corrie in Color. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Aaron, and three daughters, Sienna, Scarlett, and Indigo (yes, all colors). The two initially left Ireland to spend a year exploring LA – 12 years later, they never left. Corrie has never not been creating. Her love of texture and art has been within her from childhood, and led her to hold a degree in Textile Design and Art History, specializing in embroidery, from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. Corrie is fascinated by the powerful way that art influences us, and loves soaking up inspiration from creative cities, museums, fashion, and food.

Through an experimental use of diverse materials, from fabric to finely cut paper, her work creates an environment that is a tangible, textural expression of the imagination. She aims to evoke joy, bring celebration, and foster positivity in the spaces that we experience daily, or perhaps only once in our lifetime. To inspire everyone to experience a moment – to experience life – in color.

See some of Corrie’s work featured in our project at the The Clift Royal Sonesta Hotel in San Francisco.

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