Ferdos Maleki

Ferdos Maleki was born to a loving family and raised predominantly by her grandmother in the city of Rasht, on the Caspian coast of Iran. Since her earliest years Ferdos was fascinated by the creativity of creation and was naturally drawn to the arts. Her grandmother turned her on to the intoxicating words of Hafez and Rumi, and as a young child she brought those stories to life in her paintings. Her Persian name means “paradise” and what emanates from her hand is simply her name magnified with strokes of harmonious beauty. Colors layer a voice of an emerging abstractionist, captivating the viewer to accommodate her work, texture and tones that mimic the journey of nature’s wonderment. Her spirit delivers a display on canvas showing a defining depth for the new interpreted landscape for this age, from a spiritualist stance. This woman creates with the fire of God’s peace and connectivity.

Ferdos has been instructing students in sketching and design at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising since 2000. She also volunteers in the community, sharing her knowledge and joy of spiritually and meditation in open courses. Art sometimes connects all of us in a world desiring to love. Ferdos will be a new force to love and know as we continue to walk through this place, joining one another in mind, body and soul.
Ferdos lives in Irvine California

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