Jennifer Broussard

Jennifer Broussard is a photography based fine artist. Her decorative art, corporate art and fine art photographs have been placed in many locations such as homes, offices, spas, country clubs, restaurants, hotels and hospitals. Her photographs include themes from nature, urban settings as well as abstracts found on location or artfully created in-house. “I enjoy being able to fully explore the inner parts of my artistry. This allows me to express my creativity in a various forms.” The very wide range of her artwork styles, fall somewhere within the categories of contemporary photography and timeless classic fine-art photography. Each piece has its own modern twist. This provides her clientele many options.

At age twelve, she received her first camera after she found out the being a photographer could actually be a career. Quickly, she began focusing on the landscapes and nature that surrounded her in Texas. “My family and I spent most weekends at our farm in the Hill Country or at our Gulf Coast beach house. In both cases, I would be beach combing or in the woods wandering around looking for items to take home that I would transform into art. I remember one time where I found my carefully collected, once multi colored leaves, having turned dried brown. As I studied them, I felt a profound sense of disappointment and loss. At our farm I learned that nature quickly takes over once familiar areas, making pathways and fields virtually unrecognizable. At some point I realized I could use the camera to capture the parts of nature that would alter over time. I like the timelessness of photography.”

Her father once said to her, “When I leave this earth, I hope to leave one small dot, one tiny thing so when I go I know I made the world a better place. It was then that she began to wonder about her own dot. “It is something I think about everyday. It is what drives me. I hope that my work inspires people to find their own vision. I love hearing people tell me that after viewing my work, that their eyes begin to see things within their own surroundings that they would not have noticed before.”

Jennifer’s travels have taken her to New York City, France, Belgium, Wales, Holland, Mexico, Japan, Western Canada and most of the Southern states. She lived in Hawaii, London, Germany, and is currently in West Hollywood, California. “My family’s dinner table often felt like a gathering of the United Nations, but the casual version! I love meeting people from diverse backgrounds, and find it fascinating that no matter what our origins, the dreams that drive us toward our futures can often unite us.”


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