John Johnson

Artist Statement

I have adapted a view of the world that blends everything I experience into a creative opportunity. Visual aesthetics in nature, human emotions, and the harmony of sound have all shaped my work. My process consists of deconstructing the architecture and design of these experiences then saving the motivating elements and merging them together to create my body of work.

Artist Bio

John Johnson was born in Indianapolis, IN in 1983 and relocated to Los Angeles becoming a full time artist in 2004. He has studied various avenues of art throughout his younger years including advanced art programs from grade school to college, art history at Indiana University, theatre at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, and is an active musician. He currently resides in Indianapolis Indiana working as an artist fabricator.
John utilizes a variety of different mediums to bring his artwork to life. Painting, sculpture, metal work, resins, electronics, and textiles have all been used in his work. He is constantly practicing multiple areas of the arts to keep ideas fresh and evolving. These areas range from music, theatre, photography, diving, video editing and writing. John states, “Many forms of art fuel my creativity and are present in my work. I enjoy experimenting with different mediums, letting my various experiences with each bring my new ideas to life.”\
John’s work can be seen in many hotels, restaurants, businesses and residential homes throughout the country. Many artists, interior decorators, gallery curators, and art consultants seek John out for not only his exceptional attention to detail for art installations but more importantly for his artistic mind and variety of extraordinary works.

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