Meike Legler

Meike Legler is a German artist based in Los Angeles whose fashion background has informed her art practice. Through incorporating textiles into her work the way other artists work with paint, Legler creates artwork that is deceptively simple in appearance like a skilled tailor leaving no trace of their handiwork. Often starting with the title of the piece, Meike takes inspiration from listening to the news, to people around her, and letting that determine the shapes, color and composition of each piece. Legler is fond of choosing fabrics with different textures to add depth and character to her work, and is always experimenting.

While the surface of her work typically looks even, smooth and almost flawless, the hidden backside of the piece is left raw and messy. Legler sees this an analogy to the facade that we all tend to keep up to make our lives look good from the outside even if beneath the surface is messy. In some pieces the artist intentionally integrates the frayed edges as an accent on the surface of a piece to create tension between order and rawness.

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