Natasha Tomchin

abstract animation of two waterfalls flowing down a canvas with a red sky
Natasha Tomchin painting of a volcano shooting ash into the air
Natasha Tomchin painting of a thunderstorm over a southern California beach
animated abstract art piece of moving water and a sunset
animated abstract art piece of two waterfalls running into each other by Natasha Tomchin
Natasha Tomchin abstract landscape painting of clouds dripping over a mountain
Natasha Tomchin abstract painting of ocean water
Natasha Tomchin animated abstract art piece of a lighthouse with moving clouds going down a hill

Natasha Tomchin is a Miami based artist who manipulates cloud and nature based imagery using unconventional coding methods. Her “Digital Dreamscapes” are surreal animations of the natural world with a glitched out, captivating twist. Her pieces are an ode to the breathtaking beauty and impermanence of our world, presented as digital time capsules.

Born in Belarus, raised in Nebraska, and now surrounded by palm trees and clouds in Miami, Natasha finds inspiration in her surroundings. Freelancing as a designer and developer, coding came easily and offered opportunities to explore creative ideas. Playing around with nature imagery and fractals, Natasha was able to test different effects and develop ideas with many iterations by tweaking code. She creates in a range of formats and displays her digital art via projections, gallery installations, and in virtual reality.

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