Nick Petronzio

Nick Petronzio is a second generation sculptor that began his career in fine art working under the tutelage of his father Robert Petronzio, a sculptor, art teacher and the founder of The Institute Des Beaux Arts in Montreal, Canada. Born into an artistic family, his mother Dora is a potter and ceramicist and his sister Nina, an interior designer and owner of Plush Home in Los Angeles. Surrounded by tremendous creativity and know how, the artist knew his calling to sculpture early on.

Acclaimed for his versatility in style and technique coupled with a vast knowledge of materials and finishes, the artist/fabrication specialist has collaborated with well known established artists, designers, themed entertainment companies, brands, galleries and museums to produce significant sculptural works. His portfolio ranges from the reproduction of a Pietro Cipriani bronze sculpture for the J. Paul Getty Museum to several Disney characters including: Mickey Mouse, Rex and Pluto for Disney’s theme parks world-wide. The artist has also realized and enlarged several sculptures for celebrated artists Yayoi Kusama’s ‘Hymn of Life Tulips’, Niki de St Phalle’s ‘Ganesh’, Yoram Wolberger’s ‘Toy Soldier’ and ‘Cowboy’, Tanya Ragir’s ‘Fearless’ and three monumental sculpture enlargements for actor Jim Carrey.

The artist practices his craft daily and is constantly expanding his knowledge, style and technique. His personal sculpture work reveals his understanding of human and animal anatomy and gestural movement, he strives to capture the human experience and spirit through his work which explores the interconnectedness of nature and humanity. His fascination with natural forms and mankind’s broad emotional range inspires him to create dynamic and sensitive works that carry a timeless quality.

Nick Petronzio has been based out of Los Angeles, California for the past fifteen years where he collaborates with fellow artists, designers, architects, and art collectors to provide custom sculpture fabrication services and bring their sculptural projects to fruition. Being both a fabricator and artist, he practices his trade daily and continues to develop, expand and produce his body of art.

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