Pablo Saborío

In vibrant and explosive combinations of color Pablo Saborío’s art often resembles aspects of Nature in its macroscopic and microscopic expressions. He works both on canvas and on glass with refined techniques that preserve microscopic details of the paint, to make each work a cosmos in itself. Inspired by non-dual teachings, Saborío attempts to dissolve his identity in the creative process, allowing hands, paint and canvas to dance as one unified whole.

Born in Costa Rica, Pablo Saborío left his home country in 2005 to travel in over 25 countries in a two and a half year period. After his travels, he settled in Europe. Pablo is a passionate and prolific visual artist that has spent over a decade researching deeply into many fields that include art, philosophy, science, history, literature, and most recently the practice of meditation.

Now based in Copenhagen, Denmark his art is beginning to emerge as a unique ‘voice’ within the Danish art scene, where he has held three solo exhibitions in as many years. He is currently involved with several art collectives in Copenhagen and has ongoing shows and installations in Scandinavia.

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