Pamela Nielsen

I hope you enjoy my art as much as I do. Here’s a little background of how it all began…

Born in Toronto, an artistic product of Italian–Hungarian heritage, I moved to Salt Lake City at the age of 11. Loving the arts of every kind, I dabbled in pastels, calligraphy, cartoons, and even ventured into piano performance playing a concerto at the 1974 Spokane World’s Fair.

After moving around the country for nine years with my hubby, Scott, who played for the Yankees and White Sox, and while raising our four boys, I took up singing, as well as acting, doing television commercials, series bit parts, voiceovers, and print work.

In 2003, while mixing my vocal CD, “i am free”, a celebration of God’s healing power in my life,, I was inspired to capture that freedom by painting with acrylics on metals, Plexi, glass, wood and other surfaces. Never having painted before, and trusting the process, a new art form emerged!

Most of the themes and titles of my originalZ and deZigns are inspired by emotions and colors connected to the Chakras—seven primary energy centers in the human body energizing many of our physical, emotional and mental states according to Yoga philosophy. Painting these colors literally shifted me from darkness to light.

A friend of mine suggested I call my artwork “Chakras with a Z”. I loved it! So “chakraZ™” was born. And the use of the Z throughout my titles.

My work continues to evolve, finding its way from private collectors to numerous sectors in the business world today, and I am always excited to see what’s next. I look forward to creating with you! Enjoy…


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