Rick Hobbs

Rick Hobbs was born in Deadwood, South Dakota, during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Growing up in a family of gold miners, Rick was taught that most people worked hard for a living, education was for the wealthy, and art was an interesting hobby. When he was asked as a boy what he wanted to be when he grew up, he replied: an astronaut or an artist, a cowboy or an artist, a scuba diver or an artist, ect… Artists, he was told, only make money after they die.

Thirty years later after teaching himself drawing, painting and art history, he realized that while art can be an interesting hobby, he really wasn’t suited to do anything else. In 2000 Rick earned an advanced degree in painting and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Oregon.

Since then Rick has built a successful and diverse artistic practice. He has paintings in hundreds of collections world-wide and has worked closely with many internationally known artists, notably Jodi Maas, Jennifer Lister and Peter Kuttner.

Though Rick works in a broad range of styles and mediums, his natural ability to communicate in a compelling abstract visual language lends itself to the more contemporary.

Here is Rick Hobbs’s take on his work:

“Some see my images as abstract; others see landscapes or natural organic shapes. It is this blurry indistinctness of human perception that I find so compelling. I find that in art, as well as life, to discuss something abstractly, one must have a reference point, a grounded foundation in the everyday world. It is also true for me, that to try and understand myself and my place in the world, it helps to try to see things on an abstract level.”

Rick lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Sharon.


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