Simon Addyman

Simon Addyman’s beautifully-executed traditional and contemporary artworks infuse elegance, sophistication and timelessness into a wide array of corporate, hospitality and residential interiors. His imagery is both comforting and mesmerising, evoking buried memories and man’s eternal quest for a fleeting, poignant beauty that exists only in one’s imagination.

Without question, Simon’s artwork is diverse and his versatility evident, yet his distinctive artistic style is consistently woven into the images that he creates – a quality that is difficult to achieve and much cherished by collectors.

Simon is attuned to the natural world around him, and closely observes the relationships between earth, tree, and sky, absorbing scenes and images into memory and later infusing his work with their influence, whether traditional or abstract. Simon’s painting techniques are inspired in part through close contemplation of the paintings of the Old Masters, with particular attention to the mood and atmosphere invoked by the quality of ageing suggested by their faded, cracked, and heavily varnished surfaces. The complex textures incite the viewer to exploration and contemplation of Simon’s classical techniques and timeless style.


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