Stacy D’Aguiar

Born in 1974, Stacy D’Aguiar became an artist at an early age. She makes her home in San Diego, CA, but hails originally from Washington DC. Stacy received a BA in Graphic Design from Virginia Tech, where she was also enrolled in many art classes ranging from life drawing to painting to sculpture. Her medium for many years was mainly pencil and colored pencil.

Stacy pursued her design career after graduating in 1996, and used her drawing skills to design t-shirts, toys, costumes, logos, and corporate branding. She picked up a paintbrush again in 2002, and even apprenticed with artist Liz Jardine for several years, where she was introduced to abstracts and acrylics and learned many painting techniques. She was encouraged to “loosen up,” and focus more on the idea and feeling she wanted to convey, rather than every detail. This broadened her perspective, prompting her to experiment with color, as well as incorporate texture into all of her creations.

Stacy creates on canvas, metal, and wood, using a wide range of subject matter from surrealism to abstract, and especially loves incorporating texture as a sculptural element into her work. Every piece is infused with Reiki energy (a universal healing technique) and Sacred Geometry symbols, which elevates each creation energetically, and fills the room with positivity, peace, and tranquility. She also collaborates with several designers, art reps and galleries in San Diego, Orange County, Laguna Beach and LA.

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