Tiffany Lusteg

Tiffany Lusteg is an installation artist, currently living and working in Oakland, California. A Southern California native, Tiffany studied at the University of California, San Diego, with plans to go into teaching after graduating. Her exploration into the arts came at an unexpected time, following self-taught curiosities and significantly altering her life’s course. Where her path to self expression began in the textile arts and teaching instructional weaving workshops in her community, her work has since evolved to focus more heavily on large scale installation art, murals, and the creative direction behind fomme, a spatial design and fabrication business she shares with her husband Aaron, fellow artist and woodworker.

Her focused areas of practice are found in the fiber arts and paints, however, Lusteg explores a number of different mediums in her process, working primarily at the large scale. Her dynamic examination of texture, form, and nuanced color palettes evokes interaction, as a deeper awareness of the dance between environment and self evolves within the viewer. Today, she is primarily creating artworks for events, exhibitions, and hotels, and collaborating with her husband in their live/work studio in the Bay Area.

Check out some of Tiffany’s work in our project at the The Clift Royal Sonesta Hotel

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