The video art era is upon us and it couldn’t be more exhilarating. KBFA is pleased to introduce a massive library of digital art selections, powered by Blackdove, a powerhouse provider in the video art revolution; think Spotify for digital art. Together, we’re bringing fresh art out of the gallery and into your home, hotel, hospital and office.

We have the ability to stream to a single T.V. or create a full video installation measured in hundreds of feet. Call us today with your video art project needs.

To kick off our new partnership, we’re proud to present a selection of Blackdove pieces we love, plus a free Blackdove 120 day trial subscription in this 11th issue of The Incurable Collector File!

Heartbeat 4K


Washed Away


Xeno Coral 2

Holiday Campfire Wishes

Paintstreak (Green, Red) Vertical

Sierpinski Variations

Select from thousands of existing pieces curated from around the world, or work closely with KBFA’s top art consultants in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas and create your own custom digital art. You can use digital art for anything from brand storytelling to a local artist showcase.

KBFA is the exclusive distribution channel for Blackdove commercial projects and we offer special home art packages to the residential design community as well.

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