It seems like everywhere we turn following this Winter’s non-stop rainstorms, we are greeted by verdant, fertile greenery. The color green is the perfect cue to tell us that Spring and growth are on the way; leaving winter’s frost behind. We don’t know about you, but green has a soothing, yet energizing and optimistic effect on us, and conveniently has also put us in an Irish mood just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!

However you interpret green, we hope you find our latest selection of emerald-hued works (from some incredible artists) rejuvenating for the warmer, brighter months ahead!

James Porschen, Neonscape #2
Archival pigment print with neon tubes

Douglas Teiger, Jade Waters
Oil on linen

Kristina Baker, Reclaimed
Oil and concrete on canvas

Jonny Alexander, Interpretation of Fig in Leather
Acrylic on canvas

Amanda Rowan, Ritual

Karenina Fabrizzi, Bianca A & B
Oil and ink on paper

Claudia Borfiga, Lime Mint
Silkscreen print

Trajan (Jia Chuan), The Story of Nanking 02
Digital print on paper

David Bellard, Radiance 5
Print from transparency film

Clara Berta, Serenity
Acrylic on canvas

To inquire about any of the above pieces, whether for your personal art collection, commercial project, or residential interior design client, please don’t hesitate to reach out using the button below.

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