What a year: 2019. Game of Thrones is over, US Women’s Soccer won big, Jennifer Aniston got an Instagram account— and that was all just in the last six months! Maybe you didn’t win a trophy, take your seat on the throne, or charm the world with your down-to-earth snapshots, but we’re sure you did big things this year.

At Kevin Barry Fine Art we’re taking a moment to look back on the year and remember some highlights from 2019 with a good old fashioned Top 10 List. Read along and discover the moments that we’re still talking about in our offices.

In May, a new must-see mural was completed in the iconic Fisherman’s Wharf neighborhood of San Francisco. “Emblem”, created by Northern California artist Bryan Valenzuela, was commissioned by Kevin Barry Fine Art for the interior courtyard of the Marriott Vacation Club Pulse.

The mural is a contemporized reimagining of the San Francisco City Seal, and is a love poem to the city in the middle of this bustling tourist spot. Fun fact: the dahlia flower prominently depicted in the mural was chosen by the artist as new symbol that represents the diversity of the city with the imagery of many petals coalescing to create one giant bloom.

large lobby sculpture art in the Kaiser Permanente Ontario, CA medical center

In November, KBFA Principal Allison Barry spoke on a panel at BDNY on the subject of “Women Leaders in Hospitality”. Conversation topics ranged from thoughts on the future of the industry, brands that are doing it right in hospitality, and how to empower and build the next generation of leaders in the workplace.

Also speaking on the panel was an incredible array of powerful women in our industry: Laurie Miller (Anderson/Miller Ltd.), Christine Magrann (Makeready LLC), Laura Brenner (Colony Capital, Inc.), Elaine Molinar (Snohetta), Talene Staab (Tru by Hilton); Boutique Design’s Editor-in-Chief Mary Scoviak moderated the panel.

large lobby sculpture art in the Kaiser Permanente Ontario, CA medical center

The STRAT, which is situated at the gateway to the Las Vegas Arts District, now has an original art piece made by local artists to welcome guests into their newly reimagined property.

In April, Kevin Barry as well as KBFA principal John Barry were present at the unveiling of an addition to the newly redesigned The STRAT’s art collection, a large scale sculpture entitled “LOOK” . This sculpture, comprised of three figures are made of stainless steel and ranging in size from 8 ft to 15 ft tall, is the centerpiece of the part of the work Kevin Barry Fine Art did across multiple areas of the redesigned property.

large lobby sculpture art in the Kaiser Permanente Ontario, CA medical center

Check out more of KBFA’s work at The STRAT here.

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