Salone del Mobile: KBFA Gets VIP Access with Flexform


Spending time in Flexform’s booth at Salone was among our favorite experiences in Milan. This included a stroll through Flexform’s million-dollar buildout that filled two stories and two blocks. It looked as though Flexform had shipped an entire showroom filled with luxurious design elements to Milan. New furniture launches were displayed in separate sections for each designer who created a line. Truly an unbelievable display of cutting-edge design.

Flexform Booth at Salone del Mobile 2018

KBFA + Flexform Conversations

KBFA got the royal treatment and was given access to the VIP section upstairs where Jason Fiore and Kristin Glass had the opportunity to sit down with Pietro Galimberti and Carlo Columbo. You can also see highlights from our adventure, including the latest design and art trends, footage from exclusive parties and interviews with some of the world’s most respected interior designers. Don’t miss this unique peek inside Salone del Mobile 2018!

Jason Fiore (KBFA) and Pietro Galimberti (Flexform) – Milan 2018

Jason Fiore Sits Down With Pietro Galimberti
KBFA’s Jason Fiore spends quality time getting to know Flexform founder Pietro Galimberti. Learn Galimberti’s perspective on art as a lifestyle expression and the unique relationship between art and furniture design. Watch the interview here:

Jason Fiore Talks Design With Flexform’s Carlo Columbo
From experimenting with color to finding inspiration in modern art and fashion, Flexform designer Carlo Columbo shares an inside glimpse of his first-ever Flexform collection. Watch the interview:

Jason Fiore (KBFA), Carlo Columbo (Flexform) at Salone del Mobile 2018

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