Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas NV

A hospitality property that is obsessed with fine art? Of course we fell in love with The Palms.

photos in gold frames hung above the beds in a palms vegas hotel room
neon letters on a mirror and a painting of a woman stirring coffee in a las vegas hotel restaurant
hotel bar with custom small sculptures
sketching of a woman hung on the wall near a hotel bed
pencil drawing of two hands reaching into the air hung in a hotel suite in las vegas
custom hotel artwork hung in a restaurant
metal wall art of letters that say "She thought it was the Ocean, It's Just a pool"
hotel bathroom wall art of a woman reading a book in a spa by artist molly goldfarb

Palms Casino Resort
Las Vegas NV

Design Firms: Avenue Interiors, Friedmutter Group, Station Casinos

In 2019, The Palms Casino and Resort unveiled their $690 million renovation which included and was in many ways centered around a world-class art collection. KBFA’s art consultants worked with designers to outfit the property with a stunning hotel art collection that could stand alongside the works of modern art greats like Hirst, Bansky and Basquiat.

For nearly two decades, The Palms has been a major player in Sin City, making its name in the early 2000’s as the place to be for young pop singers and reality television stars. Like any young star looking to grow up and not fade away, The Palms Casino and Resort has emerged from reinventing itself even better than ever.

Our team of hospitality art consultants worked tirelessly to select art pieces that would add to the high-luxury, high-energy vibes of The Palms and deliver on the promise of “unstatus quo”.

Visitors to The Palms will find KBFA’s influence throughout the property: from guestrooms and select suites to the Lucky Penny restaurant. Art sourced by KBFA can also be found in parts of The Palms less frequented by the general public, like the KAOS Green Room to the Pearl Theater VIP room.

The recent redesign of The Palms is one driven by hyper-visual popular culture and those who are looking for an experience, not just spectacle. Like everyone else, we’re excited to see the new Palms shake things up in Vegas.

“The Palms redesign was an incredible opportunity for us to put our stamp on a high-profile project that is the perfect marriage of hospitality and fine art. We know guests are going to be amazed with the attention to detail in every room, whether they are in a themed suite or having a spa treatment. That’s what we do at KBFA, and it really comes to life at The Palms.”

John Barry, Principal, Kevin Barry Fine Art

painting of two dogs looking at each other hung in a hotel suite in las vegas
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