Air Lease Corporation, Los Angeles CA

It has been said that no one owns the skies, but Air Lease is pretty close. Air Lease Corporation is one of the leading owners of aircraft leased to the world’s biggest airlines. This means no matter where you fly, you’ve likely flown in one of their fleet.

corporate conference room with artwork of planes hanging on the wall
office hallway with large print of an aircraft taking off
office board room with custom metal wall sculpture of a airplane
wall sculpture of a metal aircraft in a corporate office
custom artwork of airplane engine intake printed on aluminum panels
office conference room with wall art of air craft taking off printed on aluminum
commercial artwork with custom wall clocks of airplanes
custom wall art of paper airplanes

Air Lease Corporation
Los Angeles CA

Design Firm: HOK

When they started designing their headquarters in Los Angeles they called upon the expertise of the corporate art consultants at Kevin Barry Fine Art. Working alongside a world-class architecture and design firm, we curated a sleek, aviation-themed art collection to make their vision soar.

For such a jet-setting company, you might be surprised that we decided to keep things local. Los Angeles-based artist Nick Petronzio created both of the large-scale sculptural art moments for this project. The first piece is a sculpture inspired by renderings of a Boeing 787, the kind often used in the construction phase of an aircraft. This sculpture is comprised of steel rods which was hand-formed, welded and painted with a metallic silver finish. The second sculpture is a fleet of paper planes, inspired by birds in flight. The ‘Paper Planes’ sculpture consists of thirty planes, each individually fabricated out of clear acrylic which was formed into a custom metal mold. The planes were then painted and arranged in formation with steel brackets and stand-off tabs for placement and wall mounting. In addition to Petronzio’s pieces, a smaller sculptural touch in the Air Lease office can be found in the row of custom-designed clocks whose typical clock numbers have been replaced by twelve model diecast airplanes.

Apart from sculpture, photography is the medium most often found in this space. A photograph of an aircraft engine is printed on individual aluminum panels, floating off the wall. Additional large photographic prints on aluminum can be found on either side of the boardroom at Air Lease. Each photo depicts a surreal view of a flock of aircraft in flight. Upon closer inspection, you can see each plane is branded with a different airline insignia, representing the global reach of the Air Lease Corporation. Elsewhere in the building, a photograph by artist Laird Kay featuring an enormous reflective silver aircraft is printed on canvas. Still more of his photography can be found throughout the office, reminding employees to take a moment to remember the miracle of flight as they move through their day.

“Every project we do comes down to telling a story, and corporate art projects are no exception. We were honored to work with Air Lease on curating an art collection that would set the right tone for creativity and workplace culture, as well as inspire their team every day with reminders of the incredible work they do.”

Jason Fiore, Principal, Kevin Barry Fine Art

custom created wall clocks with airplanes in a corporate hallway
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