Atria Senior Living at Foster Square, Foster City CA

Nestled near Silicon Valley, Atria at Foster Square is more like a five-star resort than what you might typically envision when you think of a senior living facility. For this property, Kevin Barry Fine Art’s senior living art consultants worked with Atria to curate an art collection that has a sense of place and promotes a sense of calm.

large landspace wall art hung on a wall in a senior living dining room
painting of a rolling hills and trees hung above a table in a hallway of a senior living home
wall art piece of a county map and custom metal wall art that looks like branches and leaves
painting of a cloudy sky and sunset and a picture of a boat dock hung in a senior living community
painting of a calm river with grass and red flowers in a senior living community
metal wall sculpture of flower pedals hung behind the front desk of a senior living community

Atria Senior Living at Foster Square
Foster City CA

Design Firm: Atria Senior Living

The landscape of Foster City is unique, made up of canals and based on a grid system. Artwork was commissioned that would mimic the layout, like a blue and copper piece behind the entry that mimics the city as an aerial view by a local artist. Sculptural artwork and pieces featuring ethereal clouds hang above the fireplace and line the corridors, promoting a soothing, thoughtful atmosphere. Other local-specific art pieces include oversized wall coverings of sea bluffs and poppy fields, the state flower of California.

As the industry becomes influenced by peer-reviewed research highlighting the connection between art, wellness, and an improved quality of life, KBFA looks forward to bringing more beautiful works of art into senior living communities across the country.

“Design and art placement for senior living communities is following a similar trajectory to that of trends in hospitality. People want to feel at home and they want to feel a sense of place. It’s not just about pretty pictures— people want beautiful pieces that tell stories and feel connected to the world outside the building’s four walls. We appreciate places like Atria that are challenging our preconceptions and building beautiful places for seniors to age in place.”

– Jason Fiore, Principal, Kevin Barry Fine Art

painting of clouds over the ocean hung above a fireplace in a senior living community common area
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