Calabasas Residence, CA – Residential Art Consulting

When an architect reaches out for help curating the perfect home art collection to compliment a custom-designed house for an A-list celebrity, our team is ready to get hands-on and deliver.

custom wall art going up stairs in residential home
close up of custom wall art for a residential art consulting project
metal abstract wall art in a home barber shop
two abstract paintings hung in a calabasas home
amber goldhammer art piece hung in a home
james verbicky art piece hung in a home theater
home bar with a james verbicky original piece hanging on the wall
close up of a james verbicky art piece hung on a wall in a home
three abstract painting hung as wall art in a home
large abstract painting in a calabasas home
mixed media wall art from james verbicky
custom artwork of animals in frames created for a baby's room
abstract painting hung on a wall near a window in a los angeles home
james verbicky mixed media wall art hung in a calabasas residence

Calabasas Residence
Residential Art Consulting
Calabasas CA

Design Group: Style House

The design directive for this gorgeous Calabasas Residence was vibrant, colorful, high-gloss, and above all, personal to the family. Our residential art consultants worked closely with the interior and exterior architect as well as an interior designer to source and propose art to the homeowner. Kevin Barry Fine art submitted concepts from our Santa Monica gallery space that would showcase the clients’ personality, as well as work that would compliment the look of the home. Work by artists James Verbicky, Ann Thornycroft, Sarah Stockstill and Matt Devine were selected by the homeowner, as well additional art from many mediums. Sculptures, pulled canvas, traditional framed art, and poured resin over wood were all included in the final design.

For this project, KBFA’s team were on site throughout the entire process: from initial meetings to tour the home while under construction to artist communication and commissions, and finally delivery and install. By being part of the process from the beginning, our art consultants were able to ensure scale, placement and palettes would be a perfect fit for the family’s home.

From world-class commissioned art to a sweet baby animal gallery wall for a nursery, this Calabasas residence got the A-list treatment from our team at KBFA as we strove to bring their dream home to life.

“Getting an opportunity to work on home artwork project throughout its entire lifecycle for a high-profile client was an amazing experience. We love how the project turned out and, most importantly, the client loves the results!”

– Valerie Schub, Business Development Director, Kevin Barry Fine Art

living room with three abstract paintings and a custom iron wall art sculpture
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