The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas NV

With The Cosmopolitan, KBFA jumped down the rabbit hole into a property that has famously touted itself as “just the right amount of wrong”.

custom wallcovering in the cosmopolitan las vegas chandelier bar

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
Las Vegas NV

Design Firm: PUNCH Architecture

With their redesign of the Chandelier Lounge, the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas invites guests to follow the white rabbit into an Alice in Wonderland-inspired aesthetic. More Jefferson Airplane than Lewis Carroll, this psychedelic take on Alice’s journey was brought to life by the big imaginations of the art consultants at Kevin Barry Fine Art.

Partnering with a local Vegas artist known for pushing the boundaries with a graphic, irreverent approach to art, KBFA commissioned the creation of oversized playing cards branded to match the official cards of The Cosmopolitan. Set in front of a radius wall covered with The Cosmopolitan’s branded card pattern, these enormous playing cards feature playful slogans like “diamonds are forever” and “one-eyed jack”, with one card memorably featuring the Jack of Clubs as a DJ.

For more collaborations between KBFA and The Cosmopolitan, check out the art in the Talon Club and their recently redesigned Vesper bar.

“The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas was a fun property to work on because the brand has such a strong identity and reputation. You know that when you go to The Cosmopolitan you’re going to get something edgy, fun, and that things can easily get a bit naughty.”

– John Barry, Principal, Kevin Barry Fine Art

wallcovering of playing cards with an Alice in Wonderland theme
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