Doubletree Berkeley Marina, Berkeley CA

A rich wharf history meets a playful, retro aesthetic in this redesigned property just steps from the sparkling marina.

bar at a double tree hotel with fishing themed wall art of ropes and buoys
two canvas art piece of waves with neon print saying "down by the bay" hung on a wall in a hotel
two boat oars hung behind a booth in a restaurant
wall art of an old bathing suit and boat wheels at a hotel in Berkeley California
buoys and rope used as art in a hotel restaurant near a marina
buoys painted different colors and used as wall art in a hotel restaurant
wall art of boat wheels on a canvas hung between two chairs in a hotel public space
two older bathing suits in frames and hung on the wall in a hotel public space
wall art of the ocean hung in a hotel waiting area
wall art of two people under water hung in a hotel hallway outside a bathroom

Doubletree Berkeley Marina
Berkeley CA

Design Group: Bar Napkin Productions

Born out of a need for ferry service to a growing Bay Area populus, the Berkeley Marina has been a fisherman and yachter’s paradise since the mid 1930s. Today the area has been developed into a serene park-like expanse. For visitors looking for a breath of fresh sea air in the morning and unparalleled view of the bay, the Doubletree Berkeley Marina is the place to be. For their recent redesign, Kevin Barry Fine Art’s hospitality art consultants proposed a collection of art moments for the public spaces and dining area of the property that reflects its bayside location and mariner history.

Informed by a palette of ocean blues, the art collection for the Doubletree Berkeley includes nods to both the industrial and recreational history of the area. Framed vintage and custom-fabricated 1930s bathing suits flank the walkways of the hotel. Alongside the suits, a large scale sculptural art piece made of repurposed fishing reels pays homage to the work that takes place in the marina.

Continuing the retro vibe, corridors decorated with framed portraits of sailor girls and weathered sea captains reference classic illustrations of San Franciscans found in magazines of the early 20th century. An unexpected moment lies not too far beyond, a large diptych featuring stylized blue ocean waves overlaid with a playful neon handwritten sign.

The highlight of KBFA’s work on this hotel is the buoy and pulley hanging rope art installation in the dining room, The Berkeley Boathouse. Oars run along the walls of the seating area, wrapping the diner in a 360 thematic, location-specific experience. We recommend unwinding after a long day with a Bay Blues cocktail and a comfy seat overlooking the marina, and this hotel can give you the best of both.

“For the Doubletree Berkeley Marina remodel we let ourselves be inspired by the serene waters of the bay. We want visitors to have a sense of place during their visit and feel a connection to the maritime history and culture of this beautiful part of the Bay Area.”

– Jason Fiore, Principal, Kevin Barry Fine Art

custom neon art on canvas that says "Down by the Bay"
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