DoubleTree Suites Times Square, New York NY

Located in the heart of New York City’s Times Square, the goal for Kevin Barry Fine Art was to create an oasis of classic old New York amidst the hustle and bustle of today’s Times Square.

front desk of the doubletree nyc in times square with custom wall art behind the counter
custom wall art installation with books behind a reception desk in nyc
custom wall art of map and skyline of Manhattan printed on books

The Doubletree Times Square
New York NY

Design Group: Parker Torres

Behind the reception desk, located five floors above the crowded masses outside, a large custom wall art installation tells the story of the city of New York in three parts using individually-sourced antique books. The books at the top and bottom of the piece are overlaid with antique maps of the city of New York, and a middle band features the New York skyline whose glistening harbor melds into the bottom map portion of the piece.

Kevin Barry Fine Art’s art consultants felt it only fitting that a hotel located in the birthplace of New York newspaper publishing would incorporate the written word into its hotel art.

“For this flagship project, the design directive was to give this property a sense of place, which isn’t hard to do in a place with a rich, vibrant history like New York City. Doing it in a unique way that invites the guest to look closer is the challenging part, and we love finding opportunities to do that in every property we curate.”

– Jason Fiore, Principal, Kevin Barry Fine Art

custom artwork printed on books behind a reception desk
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