Red Rock Resort and Conference Center, Las Vegas NV

Conference attendees visiting the newly redesigned Red Rock Resort Convention Center get an unexpectedly scenic experience courtesy of the art consultants at KBFA.

abstract art in a frame that looks like wooden flames
three pieces of sculptural wall art hung in a conference hallway
framed abstract mirror hung above two chairs in a hotel hallway
large framed abstract painting hung in a sitting area of a conference center
curved wooden wall sculpture hung next to two lamps
close up of sculptural wall art that looks like plastic tubes with holes
framed abstract print hanging next to two lamps

Red Rock Convention Center
Las Vegas NV

Design Group: DEZMOTIF Studios and Stations Casinos

For the Red Rock Resort’s Convention Center’s remodel, the Kevin Barry Fine Art team curated an art collection of custom and original art pieces as well as high-quality canvas and laminated acrylic works. Our art consultants worked with multiple artists to bring the color, shape and textures of the surrounding desert environment indoors.

Upon entering the property, the first piece of art guests will see is a large-scale piece behind the registration desk. This 18x36 three-dimensional custom wall sculpture has a textured finish in dark espresso with metallic accents. It beautifully complements the dark wood, gold and bronze accents of the property and makes a stunning first impression on guests.

Further into the space, two pieces continue the trend of ribbon-like sculptural artwork in warm earth tones—one by artist Renee Dinaue and one by Jessica Drenk. Drenk’s pieces employ sculpted leather mounted on linen set within lexan boxes which beautifully compliments Dinauer’s twin pieces of woodwork.

Visitors will find a splash of color in the work of artist Melissa Borrell. Her organic acrylic cluster artwork infuses the bright colors of desert blooms alongside neutrals. Her piece adds pops of color while maintaining the movement and sleekness showcased in the rest of the art collection.

As we move from dark to light, we come to several large-scale sculptural wall artworks by Jessica Drenk. Displayed solo and as diptych, these off-white piece evoke the porous, cragginess of desert rocks and the smooth waves of wind-blown sand. For another artful take on a desert shapes, Laura Stewart’s mirror art piece calls to mind the feeling of looking down into the glittering sandy canyon terrain of the Southwest.

“We love an opportunity to bring some of the natural beauty of the Las Vegas desert indoors when we work on a Vegas project, and this redesign really embodied that aesthetic more than any we’ve done before.”

– John Barry, Principal, Kevin Barry Fine Art

large framed abstract art painting hanging in a hallway near a series of windows
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