Rose Hotel Chicago, Rosemont IL

When a boutique hotel moves in to Chicago’s fashion district, KBFA knows it takes something extra to give it a sleek, stylish look for its debut.

Rose Hotel
Rosemont IL

Design Group: The Gettys Group

In curating art for a fine art-inspired boutique hotel like the Rose Hotel, our art consultants work closely with the designer to source a like-minded art collection. For the Rose Hotel, KBFA selected fashion-forward pieces that connect to the hotel’s location near Chicago’s fashion district. Playing with a color scheme of black and white with pops of pink, our team aimed for hotel art with a cutting-edge yet ageless feel.

The show-stoppers of our work at the Rose Hotel are the lobby figurines. The figures were designed with faceted edges of foam, hardened and custom painted. Set in front of an original mural, the background and figurines blend together in a psychedelic and beautiful way. This installation is an Instagram moment waiting to happen, creating a memorable experience for the Rose Hotel’s guests and a contemporary vibe for the property’s entrance.

With art curated by our team of art consultants, this Hilton Tapestry property proves that whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, the Rose Hotel will make sure every guest has a visit that ignites the imagination.

“We knew the art for the Rose Hotel needed to be able to hold its own in such a dazzling location. The art installation we commissioned makes a bold statement that ties the public spaces to the surrounding area, bringing guests into the hotel’s narrative from their very first impression.”

– Allison Barry, Principal, Kevin Barry Fine Art

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