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St. Regis Hotel Toronto: Project Story

Working closely with DesignAgency on The St. Regis Toronto’s 31st-floor bar, LOUIX LOUIS, we enlisted local Toronto artist Madison Van Rijn (@mvralldayeveryday) to help develop the 60 x 19-foot ceiling mural. Later embellished by hand with gold paint and gold leaf, it is meant to evoke the act of drinking whiskey, as the whiskey distillation industry is key to the history of Toronto.

Swirling waves of amber are reminiscent of the way one swirls around whiskey in a glass to release the aroma of the spirit, also referred to as the “bouquet”.

The mural literally calls to mind the idea of a “bouquet” by using gold leaf and gold paint to create abstract floral splatters throughout the mural. Additional artwork in LOUIX LOUIS summons to mind the whiskey distillation process through nods to the oak barrels used to age whiskey via art made of oak or a deconstructed sculpture of a barrel splayed flat. Fluted or striated designs reference the fluted crystal glassware typically used to drink whiskey.

All this talk of whiskey, along with LOUIX LOUIS’ luxurious atmosphere, inspired us to share one of our favorite classic whiskey cocktail recipes: the New York Sour. Get the cocktail recipe here >>

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