The STRAT Hotel, Las Vegas NV

Located at the entrance to Vegas’ arts district, it made sense for our art consultants to marry the fun and exhiliation of The STRAT with local artistry and craftsmanship.

elevator at the STRAT hotel that has a custom mural by artist amber goldhammer
custom murals and a curved curved canvas by artist biscuit street preacher hung in a hotel restaurant
custom mural placed behind the booths in a las vegas hotel restaurant
metal look sculpture located outside the STRAT hotel in Las Vegas
Elevator mural by artist Amber Goldhammer

Las Vegas NV

Design Firm: Commercial Design Group, Friedmutter Group, Golden Entertainment, Inc, JNC Interiors, Kenneth Ussenko Designs

It’s impossible to imagine the Vegas skyline without The STRAT, which stands at twice the height of the tallest building in the city. Long known for thrills and an off-strip party atmosphere, The STRAT’s redesign is about making it impossible to imagine a trip to Vegas without stopping by. To accomplish this, the art consultants at Kevin Barry Fine Art worked closely with several artists and design teams to curate a vibrant and eclectic art collection across multiple areas of the property.

You’ll first encounter the Kevin Barry Fine Art touch when you arrive at the valet circle of The STRAT. Directly at the entrance of the property stands a large metal sculpture of three bodies pointing up towards The STRAT’s observation deck. This piece called “Look” is an original interactive art piece made by a local Vegas art collective. This sculpture is meant to represent the reaction visitors have when they first see the STRAT, one of awe and excitement.

Inside the property, KBFA’s art consultants curated the art found in the BLVD & Main Taphouse and the Strat Cafe, as well as the VIP registration room and a historical transitional graphic by the west valet entrance. Quite a bit higher up in elevation, you can find pieces curated by KBFA at the Top of the World and observation deck. A kiosk with custom content created by our in-house design team shows a high-res three-dimensional view of the city with points of interest mapped out. Even the restrooms are out of this world, with video loops that show the Earth from a spacewalker’s point of view.

If you’re not afraid of heights, we think artist Amber Goldhammer’s custom paintings displayed at the outdoor observation deck level are a must-see. Her large-scale graffiti-style paintings were turned into wall covering graphics for this floor, with several custom-cut dibond pieces added for a three-dimensional feel by our in-house graphic designers.

With KBFA’s help The STRAT’s new redesign includes an art collection that elevates, and this property knows a thing or two about heights!

“The STRAT has always been a popular stop for visitors to Vegas, but with this redesign we’re celebrating it’s transformation into a destination.”

– John Barry, Principal, Kevin Barry Fine Art

photo of a woman pulling her sunglasses down with a reflection of the STRAT hotel in the lenses.
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