The Camby – Autograph Collection by Marriott®, Phoenix AZ

When a project calls for taking things to unexpected places, Kevin Barry Fine Art’s hospitality art consultants are up to the challenge. In sourcing art for a unique property like The Camby in Phoenix, Arizona, KBFA chose playful art pieces to fill every room, from the unique artwork found in the lobby and corridors to the cheeky decor in each guest room.

The Camby
Autograph Collection by Marriott®
Phoenix AZ

Design Firm: Stonehill & Taylor

The art of The Camby conveys fun as well as surprise – an old photo of a couple kissing is juxtaposed by a portrait of one of Arizona’s many canyons, and a traditional steer skull is replaced with a sleek white glowing skull lantern. Even in the guest bathrooms there are fanciful touches in the form of playful art mash-ups and wall art featuring stuffed sharks. While at first the blue ocean denizen may seem random, the motif connects to the similar sharks that can be found walking on leashes in the hotel’s main level corridors.

Guests are sure to get a kick out of the unexpected mirror ceilings in the guest rooms. The mirrored ceilings may inspire guests to Instagram their stay, but it is also one of many elements of the guest bedrooms that connects the hotel to Arizona’s history. Paying homage to the copper ore mining that built Arizona in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the copper ceilings feature whimsical sayings and greetings to the hotel’s guests as they get ready to end or begin their day at The Camby.

“Tongue-in-cheek was a big part of the thought-process behind our work at The Camby. Some of my favorite past hotel art projects are ones where the curatorial direction was to be playful and elevated simultaneously.”

– Jason Fiore, Principal, Kevin Barry Fine Art

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