DJ Lonely C of Soul Clap – Milan Design Week 2018

Catching up with the Jet-Set DJ during Milan Design Week

KBFA caught up with the incredibly talented DJ Lonely C of Soul Clap (Full disclosure -we’re a little biased because he performed at KBFA’s Art Basel Miami Beach 2018 Party at Nautilus) is quickly becoming known as a top performer within the art and design worlds.

Lonely C is the solo alias of Charles Levine, one half of the DJ/Production duo Soul Clap.  His debut album Charles & Tribulations will be out in November 2018 on Soul Clap Records.  Be on the look-out for the first single “Hold Up” featuring singer/songwriter Kendra Foster due out end of summer.

It was music to our hears when we heard that Lonely C from Soul Clap was on the official program for the Inhabits Milano Design City design hub at Piazza Castello in the center of the city for Fluorisalone – a set of events spread across several sections of the city celebrating Design Week 2018.

KBFA sat down with the DJ while in Milan.   Learn more about him and check out DJ Lonely C’s Milan Playlist on KBFA Spotify.

The Lonely C of Soul Clap Milan Experience

KBFA:  What was it like performing in Milan during the biggest international design week?  

Lonely C: Being in Milan (and in Italy for that matter) is always a thrill.  The sights, the history, the people, THE FOOD! Soul Clap has a long history DJing in Milan thanks to our friend LeLe Sacchi who has been bringing us there for almost a decade and has helped us cultivate a wonderful fan base.  This show was for a different promoter, but set in such an incredible location. It was literally connected to the art/design walk in front of this incredible castle in the middle of town. There were as many people walking by to check out the installations and naturally the music kept them around dancing.  It’s definitely an exciting time to be in Milan.

KBFA:   Do you have a favorite interior design style?  

Lonely C: My favorite interior design styles come from Japan.  The architectural and design aesthetics there are so serene and balanced. I’m also a big Wabi-sabi guy!  I love how the imperfection and transience translate into naturally complex textures, peacefulness and beauty.

KBFA:  What was your favorite installation during Milan design week 2018?

Lonely C:  I didn’t really get much time to explore the installations, sadly that is the reality of the traveling DJ.  I flew from Miami the day of the show and was off to Rome for another gig early the next day. But I did get to look around the stage we performed on (I did the show with fellow Crew Love artists Pillow Talk and Zev from Wolf + Lamb) and there were a bunch of really cool modulator approaches to modern living. One day we’ll all be living in capsules on Mars or maybe one of Saturn’s moons so important to get it right before blast-off!!!

DJ Lonely C’s Milan Playlist on KBFA Spotify

  1.  Giorgio Moroder – Evolution
  2. I-Robots – Glamouflage (Kuniyuki Takahashi Jungle Remix)
  3.  Sylvester – Disco (Disco Heat) (Louie Vega Re-Touch Main Mix)
  4.  Soul Clap – Misty (Rocco Deep Remix)
  5.  Nu Guinea – Je Vulesse
  6.  DJ Gregory – Don’t Know Malendro
  7.  Aphrohead – I Know You’re It
  8.  thatmanmonkz ft Nikki O – Ooh Wee (Hamtramck Mix)
  9.  Steve Monite – Only You

Want more of DJ Lonely C?  Access DJ Lonely C’s Miami Art Basel 2018 Interview and listen to his Miami playlist on KBFA Spotify.

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