Art Basel week is happening, and we wanted to start the celebration by launching our newest blog section “KBFA Local Tastemakers”. For our first edition, we’ve had the opportunity to gather Art Basel recommendations from four of our favorite Miami Art personalities. We hope you enjoy it, and it serves as a guide to the Miami’s most exciting week of December!

Marc Billings – BlackDove, CEO

About: Marc explores his passions for art and technology in building the subscription-based video art platform Blackdove. As CEO he leads Blackdove’s product and market development and a fast-growing team in Miami.

KBFA: What’s it like planning for Art Basel events?
MB: It would be incredibly easy if we didn’t always push ourselves for the absolute most innovative opportunities

KBFA: Tell us an event/venue must-visit during the week?
MB: The NADA show is back at the Ice Palace Studios this year. Perennially this is the most underrated event in town and should be a must see for all visitors.

KBFA: Favorite spots to see public art?
MB: Everywheeeere.

KBFA: What’s your favorite fair?
MB: While NADA is where we explore innovation, the team at Art Miami have continued to maintain a level of quality over the years that makes the show my favorite. The convention center has the best venue for Art Basel itself, however maybe it is my favorite… hmm

KBFA: Best place to eat during the week?
MB: Obviously wherever Michelle Bernstein is cooking.

KBFA: Do you have a secret local spot?
MB: Hottest little secret in town is All Day in downtown. Don’t eat the egg sandwich unless you want to be very happy

Natasha Tomchin – Digital Artist

About: Natasha is a Miami based artist who manipulates cloud and nature based imagery using unconventional coding methods. Her “Digital Dreamscapes” are surreal animations of the natural world with a glitched out, captivating twist. Her pieces are an ode to the breathtaking beauty and impermanence of our world, presented as digital time capsules.

KBFA: What’s it like planning for Art Basel events?
NT: My best advice for planning during Art Basel is be prepared for anything. Go with the flow and expect the plans to change at least 4 times.

KBFA: Tell us an event/venue must-visit during the week?
NT: Crew Love at the Electric Pickle on Friday the 8th is a must! Lineup includes Soul Clap, PillowTalk, David Marston, The Fitness & Pony and a handful of excellent local talent. I will be doing a virtual reality art installation on the first floor called “Digital Dreamscapes”. Make sure to bring your dancing shoes 😉 You can purchase tickets here –

KBFA: Favorite spots to see public art?
NT: This year Faena Hotel has an amazing beach installation by Phillip K Smith III called “The Circle of Land and Sky”. HIGHLY recommend.

KBFA: What’s your favorite fair?
NT: Scope always impresses me with their range and selection. I’d recommend doing Scope, Red Dot and Pulse if you have to choose.

KBFA: Best place to eat during the week?
NT: Save your bucks and try to eat local! Cuban/ Caribbean/ Latin American food is everywhere you look and always delicious.

KBFA:Do you have a secret local spot?
NT: Coyo Taco is a must for food. They’ve grown a lot and have multiple locations in Miami, but the Wynwood spot is my favorite (and has a fun smaller dance club-bar meets speakeasy in the back). If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, Fairchild Tropical Gardens is my absolute favorite spot in Miami. Get away from the crowds and enjoy some botanical art.

Aric Kurzman – Adrienne Arsht Center

About: Aric is the in-house counsel for the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County and General Counsel for Town Square Neighborhood Development Corporation, the private non-profit tasked with guiding development in and around Miami’s Biscayne Boulevard arts and entertainment corridor. Throughout his career, Aric has represented artists and creative enterprises. He began collecting art at age 11 and his collection presently includes works by Daniel Libeskind, Banksy, and Jen Stark, among others.

KBFA: What’s it like planning for Art Basel events?
AK: No matter what and where your event is, it’s key is is to get all of the elements (venue, talent, production, etc) locked down by August, then you can spend the rest of the lead up to Art Basel week training for the marathon that the week is.

KBFA: Tell us an event/venue must-visit during the week?
AK: As respite from the frenetic activity at the fairs and on the streets, I’m going to attend a performance of the inaugural run of Winter Shorts at the Adrienne Arsht Center (where I work as in-house counsel), which is a collection of short plays performed in the Carnival Studio Theater. Another art week must-visit for me is the De La Cruz Collection in the Miami Design District. The Collection is free and open to the public and features a new exhibition every December.

KBFA: Favorite spots to see public art?
AK: As a collector of paintings and drawings made by architects, I’m a big fan of the tours at the Arsht Center, which are offered for free every Monday and Saturday at noon. The Arsht Center was designed by one of my favorite architects, Cesar Pelli. In addition to educating guests about the architectural significance of the buildings, the tour covers the public art installations inside and outside the facilities. And with Art Miami / Context across the street, this year guests can attend the tour before heading into the art fairs.
Miami-Dade County has one of the most robust public art collections in the county, so in addition to the public art installations at the Arsht Center, world-class public art can be found at nearly every point of interest.

KBFA: What’s your favorite fair?
AK: While I don’t have a favorite fair, I try to take in as many as is humanly possible during the week and finish with Art Basel at the Miami Beach Convention Center. A few years ago, I discovered that for me, attending Art Basel at the end of the week puts everything into perspective.

KBFA: Best place to eat during the week?
AK: Alter and Bar Alter in Wynwood. I love bringing out of town friends to Alter for the multi-course dining experience at least once during the week, and when it’s me and local friends, I like the laid back vibe and small plate menu offered at the adjacent patio bar.

KBFA: Do you have a secret local spot?
AK: Harry’s Pizzeria, whose menu is much deeper than only pizza is a great local go-to spot on the western edge of the Design District and located between Locust Projects and Swamp Space – two exciting galleries

Vanessa Castellanos, Special Events manager at SIXTY hotels.

KBFA: What’s it like planning for Art Basel events?
VC: Art Basel planning is the most hectic and exciting time during the year in Miami. As the Director of Special Events for the Nautilus, a SIXTY Hotel, we receive many events requests, installation for viewing, as well as integration of Nightlife in to Art Basel. This year we will be hosting over 30 events and the demands are very high but well worth it!

KBFA: Tell us an event/venue must-visit during the week?
VC: Definitely The Nautilus Hotel for a variety of events from Galleries, Art Installations, and great Music partners.

KBFA: Favorite spots to see public art?
VC: Wynwood is a neighborhood in Miami that was made up of warehouses that has been transformed in to a neighborhood of public street art, beautiful murals and funky restaurants and café’s.

KBFA: What’s your favorite fair?
VC: ART MIAMI located at One Herald Plaza (NE 14th Street & Biscayne Bay), Miami, FL 33132

KBFA: Best place to eat during the week?
VC: Upland in Miami Beach and KYU in Wynwood

KBFA: Do you have a secret local spot?
VC: For amazing brunch, head to Oliver’s Bistro on West Ave

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