Top 5 Commercial Interior Design Trends

Our team at Kevin Barry Fine Art isn’t just focused on what’s new and trending in hospitality — we care about it all. From corporate to commercial interiors, we are forever on the look-out for something new and different to put in front of a client. Whether you’re building something from scratch or taking on a redesign, there are so many ideas to consider when you’re thinking about the look of your space.

If you’ve got a project that could use a modern update or are looking to make your new space sparkle, we’ve got a top five list for you! Read on to hear about our Top 5 Commercial Interior Design Trends that you should know about before you start your next project.

Trend 1: Greenery as Wall Art

Everyone loves a living wall, in fact, this trend took center stage at last month’s BDNY with multiple booths going green. Living walls bring the great outdoors inside which can liven up anyone’s work day or visitor’s experience.

However, while greenery and florals look amazing indoors, they aren’t always the most practical when it comes to upkeep and cost. That’s why we think so many designers are embracing high-quality artificial plants and incorporating them as large-scale art pieces.

Some interesting methods for incorporating greenery into your interior space include framed palettes of faux foliage as a hanging garden, or greenery as signage (we loved our sign from HD Expo 2019 so much it hangs in one of our LA offices now).

large lobby sculpture art in the Kaiser Permanente Ontario, CA medical center

Trend 2: Neon Art

Just a few years ago neon signs in the workplace would have seemed like an idea best left to a rowdy start-up rather than a Fortune 500 company. These days, you’re in good company if you accent your commercial space with a glowing word or two.

Our favorite uses of neon include signs with witty sayings or motivating phrases and words in stylized typography. We’ve added a touch of luminosity to several of our recent projects, including work we did at The Camby and W Hotel Fort Lauderdale.


large lobby sculpture art in the Kaiser Permanente Ontario, CA medical center

Trend 3: Kinetic Ceiling Sculptures

Made famous by legendary artist Alexander Calder, kinetic sculpture is artwork that can be operated by wind, mechanical parts or computer programs to force movement. These sculptures are an eye-catching addition to any area where you’re looking to make a big impression.

Today we’re seeing an increase in kinetic sculptures suspended from ceilings in corporate headquarters and large public spaces. The appeal of these kinds of movement-based art pieces is their ever-changing nature and how they invite the viewer to sustain a longer connection to the artwork.

A favorite example of a kinetic sculpture we’ve commissioned for a project was for the Google Tech Corners campus in Sunnyvale, CA. Their custom-designed ceiling sculpture is timed to alternate views from monochrome to multicolored, offering visitors a dynamic, on-brand experience from moment one.

large lobby sculpture art in the Kaiser Permanente Ontario, CA medical center

Trend 4: Interactive Art Pieces

Something that all of the trends we’ve mentioned so far have in common is the element of the unexpected they add to a space. This next trend definitely belongs in that same category.

Interactive art pieces are gaining popularity as a fun and attractive way to deepen the viewers connection to a space through participation. Whether it’s a large-scale coloring book page brought to life, or small spaces curated with a set designer’s touch for an immersive, shareworthy moment, these art concepts make a great addition anywhere.

The KBFA team was able to create a custom interactive artwork on another Google property, their Sunnyvale Campus A. For this office space, we commissioned a vinyl wall covering in black and white that invited visitors to add their own splash of color. More than just providing a fun experience for workers and guests, participatory art pieces create memorable moments that will stay with participants long after their visit is over. Consider commissioning something like this for your commercial space if you’re looking for a long-lasting way to spread brand awareness.

large lobby sculpture art in the Kaiser Permanente Ontario, CA medical center

Trend 5: Make it Personal

One of the paradoxes of design is that as we increasingly get demands for highly-curated experiences, and at the same time we are equally called upon to curate artwork that feels authentic and personal. People want to be in and see photogenic spaces, but they also crave places with a sense of self.

While there are several ways to achieve this in commercial interior design, some of our favorite methods include art that incorporates historical imagery of a location or brand. The design directive for our work on the new ACCO corporate headquarters in Pasadena, CA made clear that featuring historic and recent photos of the company’s employees at work was a priority. For an employee-owned business like ACCO, our art consultants used large-scale wall coverings of photographs from ACCO’s past and present to bring authenticity to the space.

Other ways to bring a touch of the personal to a commercial property is to incorporate local materials and commission work by local artists whenever possible. There’s no end to the creative possibilities when you’re making a space uniquely your own, so our best advice is to think big and focus on what makes you unique.

large lobby sculpture art in the Kaiser Permanente Ontario, CA medical center

We hope this top five gave your some ideas for where to take your project next. Still not sure where to start? Well, that’s kind of our business. Reach out today and one of our experienced art consultants will be in touch soon to help you take on the world one interior space at a time.

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