Now that we’ve said au revoir to the final Maison et Objet of 2019, we’re ready to share with you five trends we saw throughout the fair and, since we’re in the business of finding the perfect art for any space, we’ve paired these trends with an artist whose work we think ties it all together.

Trend 1: Colors, colors everywhere, but there are a couple stand outs

September’s Maison & Objet was all about color, and this season more is more! This year’s choice of Designer of Year, French interior designer Laura Gonzalez, set the tone for high contrast, saturated color with her sumptuous display.

While no color seems off-limits, there were a few themes that stood out this season. Earth and gem tones were the most popular hues, making appearances in everything from upholstery to housewares. Two specific colors that we saw repeatedly were Pantone’s Galaxy Blue and Peach Pink from their Fall/Winter 2019-2020 palette, as well as lush gold accents.

Laura Gonzalez maison & objet - yellow chair and purple couch with green accent tables

Laura Gonzalez

Francois Delclaux blue and gold table with large flower centerpiece

Francois Delclaux

Boila Maison & Objet pink couches with wood flooring and a large hanging plant


Our Artist Pairing

Ingrid Ching is an artist whose work is anything but monochromatic, so we think her work would be a great pairing for your most dazzling multicolored dream room. The texture in her pieces also makes it a great fit for Trend 2!

Ingrid Ching multicolored wall art

Art by Ingrid Ching

Trend 2: You can’t have too many textures

In addition to its obsession with color, the exhibitors at Maison & Objet loved playing with texture. Popular textures this season were velvets and embroidery, and layering is highly encouraged. The marriage of the Galaxy Blue and velvet was a winning combination with several examples fawned over during the course of the fair.

If this season’s Maison had a mascot, it would be an overstuffed velvet Galaxy Blue chair in an interesting modern or Art Deco shape. This LOPFICIO chair was a standout for us.

LOPFICIO purple velvet chair with a textured wood wall from Maison & Objet 2019


Our Artist Pairing

When you say ‘texture’ and ‘art’ in the same sentence we instantly think of artist Gabriel Schama. We’ve been fortunate to work with him several times and we are big fans of the intricate, beautiful work he does. His wood laser cut wall art would also play into the natural color and material trends of the moment.

Gabriel Schama wood laser cut wall art with natural color

Art by Gabriel Schama

Trend 3: It’s hip to be… any shape

With all the color and textures popping up all over the fair you might be surprised to hear that when it came to form the trend is simple, clean and geometric. Lighting fixtures fully embraced their geometric possibility this season, appearing in orb, diamond, and saber-like shapes, often in gold or gold-accented.

Scandinavian-inspired designers led the trend this season with an emphasis on 1970s-style ceramics, often glazed with the Peach Pink and natural hues popular at the moment.

SOFAS&DECOR St Petersburg living room design from Maison & Objet 2019

SOFAS&DECOR St Petersburg

Preziosa custom pottery from Maison & Objet 2019


Our Artist Pairing

Dutch artist Louis Reith has you covered when it comes to beautiful, geometric pieces for your home art collection. His color palette tends to be on the natural, muted side of the spectrum which makes it a choice for Trend 4, too!

Louis Reith home art collection of geometric pieces

Art by Louis Reith

Trend 4: Get back to nature

With all this talk of Galaxy Blue, velvet textures and gold finishings it might surprise you that the other major trend of Maison et Objet this fall was natural fibers. Straw, rattan, and jute were front and center in many of the collections we saw, particularly in the areas of lighting fixtures and furniture.

Mixing lush, modern fabrics and simple, clean geometric shapes with large accents made of natural fibers appears to be the design directive of the moment, lending itself to a homey, whimsical aesthetic that energized Maison audiences this season.

HKLIVING dining area with wicker chairs and wooden chandelier from Maison & Objet 2019


HKLIVING living room design with gray couch and wooden coffee tables from Maison & Objet 2019


Our Artist Pairing

We think fine art photography of nature balances out the textural richness of the natural fibers in these rooms and, if you agree, we would recommend checking out the photography of California-based photographer Lupen Grainne. Her close-up photos of the most intricate features of botanicals will add a serene, contemplative natural elements to your gallery wall.

Lupen Grainne nature photography of botanical elements

Lupen Grainne

Trend 5: Put the “great’ in Gatsby

Scandanavian style enthusiasts weren’t the only ones having all the fun at this season’s Maison, Art Deco lovers have a lot to be excited about. Like classic Nordic design, Art Deco is a perfect match for a season that is trending towards geometric shapes, clean lines and gold embellishments.

Pedestal side tables, decorative planters, lighting fixtures, and chairs were just some of the Art Deco-inspired pieces we saw over and over at Maison et Objet this season.

SOFA AND FRIENDS living room design with dark blue couch and gold lamp with dark blue shade


Dome Deco interior design with gold colored accent tables and large planters

Dome Deco

Our Artist Pairing

Gold and geometric shapes, you say? That makes us think of artist Chloe McCarrick whose work we saw at the recent The Other Art Fair LA. Her gold-leafed ethereal pieces in round frames would compliment a room with a textured, Art Deco gold-flecked aesthetic beautifully.

Chloe McCarrick - Amelia The Aviatrix - wall art piece in a round frame

Amelia The Aviatrix

We’re already looking forward to next season’s Maison et Objet which will be held January 17-21, 2020. Until then, make sure that you’re signing up for our e-newsletter and follow us across social so that you’ll be the first to see our January 2020 Top 5 Trends list as soon as it comes out!

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