Kevin Barry Fine Art Associates is delighted to announce the launch of our completely redesigned website which offers visitors an exciting and engaging visual journey through the creative process of our talented team. After months of work and hours of collaboration between our clients, art consultants and designers the new website provides a rich insight into the company and hopefully provides a sense of the personal care and commitment that goes into each project we undertake.

The website organizes and catalogs an impressive array of stunning commercial and residential projects which are sure to provide inspiration to architects and interior designers looking to create projects of distinction among their peers.

In addition, there is a section devoted to our many collaborative award winning artists showcasing the scope of their work which ranges from neon art, sculpture, photographic installations, a wide array of paintings and video art.

The Projects and Artists areas of the website will be continuously updated to provide a portal to the latest trends in design as well as a visual sample of the work of upcoming exciting artists.

The News tab contains our Instagram account which highlights our installations, artists, individual pieces and artistic inspiration. In addition to this our Blog will continue to provide news of upcoming events, trade shows and other matters of importance to our clients.

The website has been designed to organize and simplify the complex creative process that results in sourcing artwork for a variety of diverse needs. Kevin Barry Fine Art has collaborated on over 5000 projects sourcing art for interior designers and architects in the fields of healthcare, the hospitality industry, corporate and home art collection.  It is anticipated that the website will provide visitors with an easy to navigate journey through these diverse projects and will therefore help them define their goals for their own unique space.

Providing a clean and simple design which encourages visitors to look around and begin their personal creative process is a prime focus of the website. We have redesigned the website to provide both new and seasoned visitors with an enjoyable and useful experience that can then be continued when working with our team of expert fine art consultants.

Kevin Barry Fine Art has a carefully curated team of art and design experts that routinely provide our clients with the perfect piece of art to enhance the ambience of their project. In dealing with the needs of a wide array of clients from world recognized brands to private home design, our art consultants are hopeful that this redesigned and refocused website will become a tool for those looking to find unique and bespoke art pieces that lift their projects to a higher realm of experience.


Bergamot Station Arts Center
2525 Michigan Ave., Suite A8
Santa Monica, CA 90404
(310) 264-7777


6001 S. Decatur Blvd, Suite C
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 948-1929


101 Henry Adams Street, Suite 321
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 817-1020



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