Crystal Cruise Symphony, Fort Lauderdale FL

Awarded ‘Best Luxury Refurbishment’ by Cruise Critic Editors Pick Awards 2017, and the AHEAD (Awards for Hospitality Experience and Design) Transport category in the Americas division 2019, Kevin Barry Fine Art’s work on the Crystal Cruises Symphony took the ship to new standards of innovative luxury.

plates hanging on a restaurant wall with faces on them
custom artwork of plates and bowls on a wall in a restaurant
custom artwork placed in the dinning room of a cruise ship
artwork that looks like a smoke plume behind two blue chairs

Crystal Cruise Symphony
Fort Lauderdale FL

Design Group: AD Associates

In 2017, after the most extensive redesigns in its history, the Crystal Symphony welcomed visitors in to see the “evolution of Crystal Luxury”. This multimillion dollar renovation included redesigns of the penthouse suites as well as public space and the unveiling of a brand new restaurant, Silk. KBFA’s team of art consultants sourced high-end, memorable pieces for each of these areas, including sculptural wall art for the penthouse suites, abstract wall panels for the entrance of the Waterside formal dining room, corridor art pieces, and an entire collection of art for Silk.

The keystone of our redesign work with Crystal Symphony, Silk, is a new al fresco restaurant that features family-style, Chinese-inspired dishes. The decor is a mix of intense pink and gold, black and white, all complemented by an avant garde installation of a gallery wall of plates sporting fanciful illustrations of Victorian lady in different perilous nautical situations (or simply enjoying a bowl of soup), and an extensive gallery wall of vintage-inspired art prints of exotic birds.

A mixture of high-end luxury feel and playful modern accents, KBFA’s art curation for the Crystal Symphony continues its legacy of industry-leading elegance for the discerning world traveler.

“The Crystal Cruises brand is synonymous with high-end cruise experiences, and working with them on such a transformational redesign was a great opportunity to reset the standards in people’s minds of what cruise ship art looks like in a way that really sets the tone for the industry.”

– Jason Fiore, Principal, Kevin Barry Fine Art

plates and bowls hung on a restaurant wall with a woman's face on them
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